Welcome to Vivre

Welcome to VIVRE, a world where you'll always discover something that will inspire and delight you. VIVRE means, literally, to live—and we celebrate life with a voyager's spirit: a sense of adventure, curiosity, and passionate involvement—from the simple to the extraordinary, every day.

VIVRE is a journey of discovery—a celebration of artistry, originality, and the incredible harmony of the different cultural and global treasures all around us. We are inspired by craftsmanship, the unique touch of an artisan's hand. We're fascinated by the surprising, unexpected nuances that tell a story, the details that transform a "perfect" piece into a collectible.

We believe in taking risks and breaking boundaries—and, often, rules. To me, style is not about trends or fads. It's an evolution, something that we acquire as we collect—not just things, but the experiences, discoveries, passions and life events that shape us.

My mission at VIVRE is to inspire you to create your own sense of individual style—for yourself, your home, how you live. It will continue to grow as you discover, collect, and mix together things that you love and that fascinate you.

From an extraordinary global repertoire, we curate a highly edited, unique collection. You'll discover simple pleasures, rare finds from around the world, our signature VIVRE classics, timeless tried-and-true favorites, and inspired gifts for women, men and children that will be cherished—not just this season, but for seasons to come.

We'll also share with you the people, places and things that inspire us. From the work of a remote village artisan, whose handcrafted pieces will be treasured additions to your personal collection, to the artists, designers, stylemakers and experiences we find vital and relevant today.

I'm so thrilled that you've come to VIVRE. I hope we inspire you on your own personal journey.

Warm regards,